Engagement session to be held as part of Yarmouth area cancer services review

An engagement session will be held June 13 in Yarmouth as part of the ongoing Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) review of cancer services in the area.

As part of NSHA’s review, 943 Nova Scotians completed surveys and 24 people from Yarmouth participated in two focus groups. 

“We were very pleased with the interest and thoughtful responses we received from the community,” said Dr. Drew Bethune, medical director of NSHA’s Nova Scotia Cancer Care Program. “The information we learned from the survey and focus groups will be shared during the upcoming engagement session.

The June 13 meeting will be a full-day, facilitated in-camera discussion with 15 stakeholders, including three patient advisers and cancer health professionals from Yarmouth and Halifax. They will listen to and discuss information collected and shared through presentations, including summarized results from focus groups and surveys, as well as demographic information and cancer data.

NSHA’s review of cancer services got underway last fall. It is expected to be complete this summer.

Media contact:
Christine Smith
Nova Scotia Health Authority