Our People in Profile: Dietitian Darlene Durant passionate about supporting patient nutrition

Darlene Durant
Darlene Durant is a clinical inpatient dietitian at Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre in Amherst

When Darlene Durant started her post-secondary studies, her goal was to become a health care professional. She was passionate about providing patients access to great nutrition services and care.

Today, Durant is living out that passion, working as a clinical inpatient dietitian at Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre (CRHCC) in Amherst.

Durant works with an out-of-province liaison in Moncton, New Brunswick to care for complex patients and help ease the transition from hospital back to community.

Durant also provides inpatient services in the 70-bed acute care hospital. She assesses clients and provides nutrition care and education to patients on the pediatric, maternity, surgical and intensive care units.

To provide excellent care, Durant believes that a collaborative team must work cohesively.

She said, “I work in total unison with all other members of these health care teams.”

Many obstacles can interfere with a patient who is trying to meet their nutritional needs, but helping these patients overcome their personal challenges is rewarding.

Knowing that she plays an important role in improving her patients’ health and wellbeing is what continues to drive Durant’s passion for great health care.

She wants everyone to understand that sharing food can promote a healthy mind and an even better quality of life – this is what “more than food” means to her.

March is Nutrition Month. This year’s theme is More than Food. For more information, visit https://www.dietitians.ca/Advocacy/Nutrition-Month/Nutrition-Month-2020