Our People in Profile: Eastern Kings’ new Community Health Board coordinator believes members are ‘driving forces for change’ in community

Debra Philpitt, coordinator for the Eastern Kings Community Health Board
Debra Philpitt, coordinator for the Eastern Kings Community Health Board

Social worker, Debra Philpitt has always considered herself lucky to work within the field of community outreach and development. She is excited to bring that experience and enthusiasm to her new role as coordinator for the Eastern Kings Community Health Board (CHB).

“Community Health Board members are often driving forces for change in their community and strong advocates for community capacity building and development,” said Philpitt, who became acquainted with CHBs through her role as a social worker. 

She jumped at the opportunity to fill in a leave-of-absence and take on the role of coordinator for the upcoming year.  

“I was always greeted with kindness and a smiling face by the Community Health Board members when we were involved in projects together. I am passionate about this approach to social change and am looking forward to supporting the great work that they do!” 

Philpitt is joining the team at a particularly interesting time as applications for community wellness funds are being reviewed and considered for funding. 

“I am excited and inspired by all of the great initiatives proposed,” she said.

Philpitt is looking forward to connecting with the community as the Eastern Kings Community Health Board considers how they can make a local impact on their Community Health Plan priorities.  

“The focus for the Eastern Kings CHB for the next few years will be on food security, social isolation, housing, and recreation and wellness programs. They will be looking to work with the community to address issues from a health promotion lens. This means they will be looking at partnerships, creating supportive environments and advocacy.”

If you are in the Eastern Kings County area and would like to chat about the Community Health Board work or you might be interested in applying to the board, please do not hesitate to reach out. Philpitt can be reached at debra.philpitt@nshealth.ca. Additionally, feel free to check out our Facebook Page