Patients respond favourably to NSHA’s first patient experience survey

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Jan. 29, 2018

Halifax, N.S. – The results are in: patients of Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) are reporting a higher level of satisfaction with their care experiences across the province. That’s according to NSHA’s first patient experience surveys, reflecting results from 2016-17.

Overall, 89.5 per cent of patients who responded rated their experience of care positively. This is an increase of 7.3 per cent over our previous aggregate results.

Areas surveyed in 2016-17 were mental health and addictions, primary health care (33 collaborative family practices across the province), long-term care, cancer care, inpatient (hospital) care and outpatient services. Surveys measured both quality of care and experience of care. Questions were aligned with Accreditation Canada’s service dimensions as well as NSHA’s strategic plan.

NSHA distributed more than 27,000 surveys and received 10,796 responses.

“Hearing from our patients and clients about where we’re doing well and where we need to improve is our most valuable source of learning as an organization,” said Colin Stevenson, Vice-President, Quality and System Performance. “Now we need to use that feedback to improve our services. Teams have already begun work to address areas in which we achieved less than 90 per cent.”

Examples of where patients rate NSHA highly (90 per cent or greater):

• Respecting patient needs, values and preferences

• Treating patients with dignity, courtesy and respect

• Taking cultural values into account and respecting diversity

• Listening to patients and families

Examples of where patients say NSHA needs to improve (under 90 per cent):

• Waiting for clinic appointment following registration

• Providing information about possible medication side effects, and what symptoms to look for after you are sent home from hospital

• Explaining different options available

• Letting patients know what supports are available in community

View more details, including a one-page summary of results for each area surveyed. Several of the survey questions connect directly to measures within our strategic plan. You can view a summary of these results here.

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