QEII Foundation: Ellie’s Story

QEII Foundation: Ellie’s Story
"After life-changing surgery, I'm proud to be a nurse at the QEII." - Ellie O'Brien

Ellie O'Brien was 16 years old and an avid dancer when she was diagnosed with kidney failure. After 14 months of dialysis, she had a kidney transplant at the QEII Health Sciences Centre. Today, inspired by her experience, Ellie is a registered nurse at the QEII.

QEII Health Sciences Centre Foundation
For more than two decades, the QEII Foundation has been advancing health care at the QEII Health Sciences Centre by funding new technologies, medical research, innovation and professional education that contribute to life-changing moments experienced every day by patients and their loved ones. Their lives have been changed because of incredible support from the community. Together, we are transforming the QEII for Atlantic Canadians. Our why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQqbJx766pU&t=1s

QEII Health Sciences Centre
The QEII Health Sciences Centre takes care of Atlantic Canadians when they need it most. With 10 buildings on two sites, and more than one-million patient visits every year, the QEII is the largest adult health sciences centre in the region. The QEII is the specialized care centre in areas such as heart health, cancer care, neurosurgery and organ transplantation. In addition to providing the most advanced care available, the QEII is the leading research centre and training facility for tomorrow's health care professionals.