School Mental Health
Mental Health

The IWK Health Centre provides children and adolescents throughout the province with specialized mental health and addictions services. To learn more about these services visit the IWK Health Centre website.

The school mental health clinicians provide individual and group therapy, mental health and addictions education for school staff and consultation services.  Clinicians are on site, working with the Program Planning Team, Schools Plus Team, Youth Health Centres, guidance counsellors and school social workers to provide mental health and addictions services to children and adolescents in schools.

School Mental Health Clinicians are a joint partnership with the Education and Early Childhood Development Department of Nova Scotia. The clinicians offer individual and group treatment and are located in Schools Plus Schools. In addition, school mental health clinicians strive to build capacity in schools regarding mental health by consulting with school staff about general mental health issues that students face and engaging in mental health  promotion activities (e.g., speaking to groups about relevant topics).

Location, hours and contact information   

Clinicians are located at various schools throughout the zone

How can I access this service?

Referrals can be made through your child’s school or by calling the local Child and Adolescent Services.